Deployment and project

Support for all steps of your project

Because each car park is unique, IVPark adapts to the individual specifications of your project and its evolution over time. NetCeler provides engineering, project management, installation and qualification services. Our support guarantees a long-term installation, which is essential to ensuring a high-quality remote operation.

Deployment of the IVPark solution

To assist you in the deployment of IVPark installations, NetCeler offers the following services:

Field expertise

  • Audit of existing installations
  • Collection of information from operators
  • Study of the technical solution

Technical skills

  • Preparation and pre-programming of equipment
  • Integration of existing equipment 
  • Software deployment and remote maintenance tests

Complete project management

  • Piloting of the technical installation
  • Progress meetings
  • Reception of the installations in compliance with the specifications
deploymnent project management parking

A resolutely distant organization of deployments

IVPark is by nature the ideal product for remote deployment.

NetCeler has been a pioneer in teleworking since the early 2000s and has implemented remote maintenance access to its facilities from the outset.

From the very first car parks equipped with ISDN routers to modern VPN accesses, we have always integrated this practice deep into our organization.

This vision has enabled us to reduce our installation times, improve our reactivity by optimizing our on-site interventions and move forward quite naturally in the implementation of our CSR process.