IVPark Contact

Turnkey remote operation of parking lots

In use for more than fifteen years in the car park sector, IVPark is the solution to optimize operating costs, improve quality of service and meet regulatory obligations. IVPark plays a central role in organizations to:

  • Offer better service to customers while at the same time optimizing operating costs,
  • Improve employee performance in car parks,
  • Professionalize customer service via specialized personnel,
  • Optimize staff presence, particularly in off-peak periods,
  • Define objectives and measure the quality of service in call handling,
  • Meet regulatory requirements : air quality, fire safety, safety commissions.

An intuitive and optimized interface

The ergonomics of IVPark Contact have been designed to meet the needs of remote operation of a few to several hundred parking lots in a simple and intuitive way.

Its modular architecture with no central point and its mobile operating stations make it adaptable and highly responsive.

Its design allows an optimal response to planning constraints (day, night, weekend, holidays) and to the location of car parks (national, regional, city operation).

télégestion de parkings

Quick and simplified handling of customer calls

Triggering a customer call on an intercom

The call is handled in a few seconds by the operator who dialogues with the customer while viewing all the elements related to the call

Provide information to the customer, trigger a remote action or call an agent on his walkie-talkie for a local intervention, depending on the reason for the call

The incident gives rise to a complete traceability, allowing a quality analysis a posteriori

Centralized alarm management

IVPark allows you to check at a glance the proper functioning of your surveillance and security installations in your parking lots: 

  • PMS alarms
  • alarms from security systems (fire, CO/NO, ventilation, pumps, …)
  • alarms coming from IoT connected objects (inverters, electric vehicle charging stations…)

It gathers in a single list all the alarms of your sites. This management system can be combined with our IVPark Video Wall solution, a dynamic image wall for parking surveillance.

A modular architecture

IVPark is based on an architecture that is independent of field equipment such as intercom, video, PMS, licence plate reading and security systems (fire, CO, energy, ventilation, pumps, etc.).

Its modular architecture allows it to operate on a local physical IVPark Flybox to be closer to the equipment on large sites, or on a virtualized IVPark Flybox more suitable for small sites.

The IVPark Contact client stations are completely independent of the intercom system and can therefore be easily moved to a backup site or to a teleworking site via a simple VPN access.

Compatible with your intercom, video, PMS and security systems


- Orbility
- Designa
- Hub Parking
- Scheidt & Bachman
- Skidata

... and any PMS that has an open API for third-party systems


- Commend ET908H and range GExxx
- Castel Xelip, Maylis
- Bouyer IZ2020
- Arclan iPortier
- IPLogika

... and any Asterisk compatible SIP intercom system


- Axis
- Dahua
- Dlink
- Hikvision
- Panasonic
- Samsung

... and any video system integrating IP protocols


- Airlone
- Chubb
- Disfatel
- Drager
- Esser
- Siemens
- Wago

... and any modbus system