IVPark Video Wall

A video wall adapted to the requirements of a car park

Increase your reactivity and control of your facilities with an innovative tool.

Be more efficient with a targeted and dynamic display.

The video wall is a set of video screens installed side by side. Each screen is controlled by a display unit to form a large mosaic.

IVPark Video Wall allows operators to program hot spots at different sites and monitor them at a glance.

Each thumbnail in the mosaic allows the display of a camera or a cyclic.

On the hardware side, it consists of a computer server distributing the images to displays connected to professional quality screens, suitable for 24/7 use.

This design makes the system modular, easily configurable and maintainable.

Its installation can be carried out with a whole range of stand or wall mounts.

A video wall adapted to the requirements of a car park

In case of a critical alarm in IVPark Contact, the video wall switches to Dynamic Display on Alarm mode

In this mode, it automatically displays on the video wall screens :

  • the information related to the alarm: name of the park, the zone, the alarm label and who to contact (in particular, in case of fire, the telephone number of the fire station concerned),
  • the predefined cameras for the area in which the alarm occurred.


This automation allows the personnel to have, at a glance and without risk of error, all the elements necessary for the correct interpretation and treatment of the problem.