IVPark Energy

The energy transition has become a major challenge for parking facilities. In addition to historical energy-consuming systems such as ventilation and lighting, in recent years the distribution of energy for electric vehicles via charging stations has been added.


A comprehensive energy management tool

  • Knowing and analysing your electrical consumption to design energy saving action plans
  • Quickly detect consumption anomalies
  • Plan and evaluate your energy saving actions
  • Optimise your energy purchase contracts

Compatible with your electric meters

IVPark Energy has an interface with most communicating electricity meters: 

  • Electronic “Vert” Meters 
  • Electronic “Jaune” Meters (CJE) – CJE 5′, CJE 10′ or CJE 15′
  • “Emeraude” Customer Interface (ICE) – Extraction
  • “Emeraude” 4 Quadrant Customer Interface (ICE-4Q) – Injection
  •  SME-SMI meters – Extraction
  •  SME-SMI meters – Injection
  •  SAPHIR Meters
  •  SL7000 (Injection and Extraction)
  •  Remote Power Recorder
  •  ZMQ (Landis&Gyr)
  •  MK6E, Quantum 1000, ACE8000

A very simple installation process

The process is very easy and fast: 

  • Setting up a mandate authorising remote reading
  • provide the point of delivery of the communicating meters to be remotely read
  • add a fully autonomous GSM optical metering box

Personalized monitoring of consumption

IVPark Energy allows you to set up a real energy management policy based on relevant metrics.

Its very complete interface offers many possibilities

  • Customisable dashboards with widgets including the “Top 10 most expensive meters
  • Programming of alerts
  • Remote meter reading feed
  • Billing optimization
  • Import and comparison with your supplier invoices
  • Excel exports

For experts, IVPark Energy allows a more detailed analysis of consumptions by distinguishing between off-peak and peak hours, summer or winter, apparent, active or reactive power, bill breakdown, etc.