IVPark Access

Centralized management of car parks

The digital revolution is leading the parking industry towards new multimodal travel practices incorporating new tools and concepts:

  • Mobile applications
  • Micro and shared parking lots
  • Online sales
  • Short term bookings
  • Packages including parking
  • MaaS : Mobility as a Service

Quick and easy integration of a new partner or PMS

IVPark Access is the middleware that links these new management systems and the access equipment in the field (PMS, plate readers, Mifare badge readers, digicode, QR-code, …)

Located at the crossroads between management systems and field equipment, it optimizes the number of interfaces and offers increased technical flexibility for new equipment manufacturers.

Exponential increase in the number of interfaces                                                                            Linear increase

In addition, its open architecture makes it easy to integrate multimodal applications through the integration of new APIs.

Furthermore, IVPark Access has an interface with the AKIS system, the reference business solution for centralized management of parking lots in a multi-product, multi-service, multi-park and multi-equipment environment.

Finally, IVPark Access also allows to manage sites without PMS via the installation of all-IP ID readers (licence plates, badges, codes…)

A complete interface with PMS

  • Licence plate, badge, QR-code… reading
  • Immediate collection of overruns on exit via the PMS or post-payment via the management system
  • Displaying messages on the PMS displays
  • Remote control for opening doors and gates
  • Management of crossings via induction loops
  • Updating the counters of available parking spaces
  • Stand-alone mode with local whitelist
  • Local physical or remote virtualized server
  • Interface with IVPark Contact which allows the following operations:
    • Sending of regularizations in case of illegible licence plate, forgotten card,
    • Visualization of the licence plate number or, badge, QR-code…
    • Equipment monitoring
    • Mutualization of the interface with the PMS