A range of dedicated parking solutions

The IVPark software suite

The IVPark suite is a range of solutions composed of 4 modules that can work independently or in combination. The combination of these modules provides cross-functional capabilities that make the solution more efficient

  • Remote operation of intercom, video and PMS in one interface
  • Unified alarm management
  • Removal of doubt video
  • Parking description & instructions
  • Statistics & reports

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  • Subscriber management via whitelist and interface with third party system
  • Customer identification by licence plate reading, mifare badge, digicode, Q-Code
  • Interface to the AKIS subscriber management system
  • Stand-alone mode or interface with PMS
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  • Hotspot monitoring
  • Programming of video cycles
  • Dynamic switchover in the event of an alarm on the cameras in the area concerned
  • Low bandwidth consumption
  • Professional screens and supports
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  • Power consumption management platform
  • IP, PSTN/GSM or optical remote reading
  • Setting of alerts
  • Optimization of energy consumption
  • Tariff simulation
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