NetCeler strengthens its parking business with the acquisition of Akis

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NetCeler, a specialist in innovative monitoring since 1997, is delighted to integrate Akis which, thanks to its very complete Centralized Subscriber Management product, reinforces NetCeler’s leading position in the optimized management of car parks.  

“This acquisition allows us to complete IVPark’s Access module, which is already capable of PMS systems and license plate reading cameras, with Akis’ centralized subscriber management functions such as online sales of subscriptions and reservations, commercial management, invoicing and accounting”, explains Rémy GONSOLIN, Director of the Parking Department at NetCeler.

“Coupled with the IVPark Contact module for remote management, this smart combination will allow NetCeler to extend its response to market demands for optimised car park operation”.

This synergy of skills and expertise in a new, enlarged team is a guarantee of continuity in the quality and responsiveness of NetCeler’s services to its clients.